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How it works

Unique Pledging System

Have you heard those horror stories of Au pairs committing to several families at the same time, getting into bidding wars and ultimately disappointing families or not showing up when its too late to find an alternative? Well, those days are over, thanks to our unique Pledging System. With Alpha Christian Au pair, a commitment is something you can rely on, safe in the knowledge that each party is in exclusive discussions.

Unique reassurance: pledging removes doubt, ensures honesty and avoids disappointment

  • Our aim is to eliminate either Au pair or host family committing to more than one person at a time without the other party knowing.
  • Once negotiations have taken place offline or by exchange of emails, either party can then register their commitment by sending a pledging invitation to the other party. Once the other party accepts the invitation both parties will have pledged to each other and will be prevented from further accessing other Au pair or family details.
  • Pledged members can still conduct searches but will not be able to gain access to contact details while under a pledge. They can only gain access to other candidate's contact information if the opt out of their existing pledge.
  • Either party have the option to opt out at any time, and this will alert the other party to their change in status.
  • Either party can initiate the pledge

The result is that everyone knows exactly where they stand and that arrangements made will be followed through.

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